I'm Mona Wishkahi

AKA monmonDesign


Welcome to monmonDesign.

I'm an Art Director and Production Designer  with a degree in Visual Arts from Germany based in London. While living  in Germany I have been working as a Graphic Designer and Assistant Director independent of one another in national and international Cinema and Film productions (high and low budget).

My thesis (short movie - "Migräne Das Monster In Mir") has gained worldwide recognition and was broadcasted on several  international festivals. Furthermore, the movie was bought from KIK-Kanal (KIK-channel) and it has been aired from 2010 to 2015 in 500 hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2013 I moved to London to experience a more wide range of design/media on the international market. After few freelance graphic design jobs I started working for a property investment company - YPC Group - in the Marketing department leading the design/art work and team. Working alongside the Marketing Manager assessing the performance of advertisement whilst monitoring and split testing them.

In 2014 I decided to work for my favourite Iranian channel, manoto TV (MTN - Marjan Television Network) started as a graphic designer.

2015 I started leading the Art Department at manoto TV. Taking care of the Art Direction and Set Design as well as being one of the channel promo Directors.

In 2018 I left the film studios due to an exiting job offer for editorial design leading and art directing the visuals for stills.

From beginning of 2020 I became independent with monmondesign Ltd and still practice my work as an Art Director and Production Designer for Film, TV and Stills.


I'm an energetic, bold and highly skilled creative Art Director, I build business confidence in the delivery of high-profile campaigns across the Media sector. Blending commerciality and visual strategies into my delivery, I provide the end-to-end branded collateral for marketing, social and video release. A passionate and engaging personality, I am unafraid of questioning strategies, leading commissioning with internal and freelance teams and media campaigns with hands-on delivery. Empowering creativity in every quarter, I nurture a connected organisational culture that reaps rewards from collaborative campaigns from conceptualisation through to end-product execution. 10+ years as a creative force in Media, TV, Film, Entertainment & Consumer


ISFP - International Society of Female Professionals

Member of BECTU


My passion for design comes for my love for art. If you are interested what I produce

outside of work click here.


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