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I'm Mona Wishkahi

AKA monmonDesign


Welcome to monmonDesign.

I'm an Art Director and Production Designer  with a degree in Visual Arts from Germany based in London. While living  in Germany I have been working as a Graphic Designer and Assistant Director independent of one another in national and international Cinema and Film productions (high and low budget).

My thesis (short movie - "Migräne Das Monster In Mir") has gained worldwide recognition and was broadcasted on several  international festivals. Furthermore, the movie was bought from KIK-Kanal (KIK-channel) and it has been aired from 2010 to 2015 in 500 hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2013 I moved to London to experience a more wide range of design/media on the international market. After few freelance graphic design jobs I started working for a property investment company - YPC Group - in the Marketing department leading the design/art work and team. Working alongside the Marketing Manager assessing the performance of advertisement whilst monitoring and split testing them.

In 2014 I decided to work for my favourite Iranian channel, manoto TV (MTN - Marjan Television Network) started as a graphic designer.

2015 I started leading the Art Department at manoto TV. Taking care of the Art Direction and Set Design as well as being one of the channel promo Directors.

In 2018 I left the film studios due to an exiting job offer for editorial design leading and art directing the visuals for stills.

From beginning of 2020 I became independent with monmondesign Ltd and still practice my work as an Art Director and Production Designer for Film, TV and Stills.


A creative tour-de-force as an Art Director, Creative Director and influencer within the Media, TV, Film, Entertainment and Consumer sectors, I bring 10+ years of leading bold creative projects and high-profile campaigns for globally recognised distributors.

Featured on Interior Design Masters (BBC 2) in 2021 with Alan Carr, I am also recognised for ‘Migraine: The Monster Inside Me’, TV Show (2010-2015), Festivals & Expo’s (2006 – 2009). 
I am the bold, exciting Art Director and Production Designer behind a range of top-draw national and international films and TV, inc. Come Dine with Me Australia Promo, and previously held the creative vision of WBC. I am also an active member of Women in Film & Television UK, International Society of Female Professionals and BECTU.

Innately creative with vast experience in art directing, design and digital content production, I guide the look, feel and stories of productions through the creative delivery of graphic packages, toolkits, art photography and promotional assets. A passionate director, who breathes life into ideas, I create solutions that realise on brief and vision. I think both conceptually and commercially in the development of big, bold ideas for creative, artistically led projects, commissions, and campaigns.


BECTU / Women in Film & Television UK


My passion for design comes for my love for art. If you are interested what I produce

outside of work click here.

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