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Director: Mona Wishkahi
Script: Mona Wishkahi

Producer: Amir Ghaderi and Mona Wishkahi
DOP: Konstantin Tschernow
Edit: Amir Ghaderi

Migräne das Monster in mir

(Migraine The Monster Inside Me)

My thesis (Migräne das Monster in mir) is a short movie about migraine. My idea was showing the migraine and the patient in two different world, what are the reaction of the migraines actions. The Migraine is a monster (action) and the protagonist is the camera (reaction).   

My short has gained worldwide recognition and was broadcasted on several international festivals. Furthermore, the movie was bought from KIK-Kanal (KIK-channel) and it has been aired from 2010 to 2015 in 500 hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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