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Client: Head of Zeus publishing house

Project : Sebastian Fitzek - The Package Video Teaser Trailer

Sebastian Fitzek undoubtedly leads the way in Germany as the most successful author of mass market psychological thrillers. His books have sold 11 million copies, more than Dan Brown and JK Rowling in Germany.

Now, independent London based publishing house Head of Zeus have translated five of his books into English and are releasing them and introducing Fitzek to the English speaking world (UK, US, Australia and New Zealand).

Video Brief 

To create a tense and exciting thirty second to one minute teaser trail er in the style of a thriller movie trailer for author Sebastian Fitzek's first release in English, The Package

Director: Simo Harris

DOP: Theo Ribiero
Art Director: Mona Wishkahi

Author: Sebastian Fitzek

©Head of Zeus

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