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Client: manotoTV

Project above: 30nama Seasonal Promo

30 Nama (pronounced "cinema" meaning 30 views) is a cinema show about best of cinema in 6 genres for the first and 12 genres including Iranian Films for 2nd season.

For the generic seasonal promo you see above, I had the idea to tell "how it all starts" with showing how the presenter/producer crafting and and cutting the best of cinema together for the show. This Promos is for the first season of the show. Hence the story.

The promo of the season season you'll find further down 


Director: Mona Wishkahi 

DOP: Charlie Locke 

Art Director: Mona Wishkahi

Editor: Rene Bamban 

Script: Mona Wishkahi and Rene Bamban


Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 2

For the generic set my Idea was life-size white frames which was placed in a very dark studio as an “exhibition look" set up. And Depending in what genre we were, props or costumes related to the film and/or the presenter was talking about appeared either in one of the frames or the presenter became the actual dressed set. A dramatic and moody lighting was essential for a cinematic and more serious overall look. The show itself is super funny as for each link the producers wanted to have a ‘remake’ of some of very famous scenes (depending on the genre).

Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 1

6 genres - Animation, Musicals, War, Western, Action and Romance!

For the first season, the budget and time was slightly different and tighter. The script was also very playful so I went with a more colourful and funnier elements for the set. I had mainly props dressing and making the actual set. 


Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 2 Promo

The script for this Promo was written by the producers. The idea was to pay homage to a very famous Iranian movie and it's very iconic scenes where two friends meet after years being apart in a cinema while one of them is announcing the next upcoming screening. This was the way to introduce that Iranian cinema will be a covered in this season.


Director: Arya Parsa and Sina Tehrani
DOP: Sina Tehrani 
Art Director: Mona Wishkahi
Editor: Sina Tehrani 
Script: Navid Ghazanfari and Arya Parsa

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