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Client: WBC

Project Name: Gift & Hamper 

Drinks Focus


Brief: The aim of the Gift & Hamper and the Drinks focused Brochure to show

Expertise - Position ourselves as the ‘Drink  and Gifting Experts’ 

Brochure Evaluation: Evaluation at 6 weeks, and 12 weeks post the campaign broadcast/deployment date will  provide a robust base for effectiveness and learning’s

  • Overall performance: Conversion rate; Value of Sales

  • Conversion by audience: Conversion rate; Value of Sales

  • Channel: Single vs. Multi-channel conversion

  • Email specific metrics: Open/Click/Conversion Metrics

  • Compare to 2018 Retail Display Brochure performance 

  • Discuss: Random selection from the LIVE base

       (across all business sectors) to identify uplift as a result of targeting

Flick through the issue

Flick through the issue

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