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Client Name: manotoTV

Project above: 30nama Seasonal Promo

Bringing true romance back, this Regency-style series will enable a group of eligible suitors to win the heart of the Heroine. Carriage rides, handwritten letters, this is a time-traveling game for love. Release date: March 6, 2022

Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 2

For the generic set my Idea was life-size white frames which was placed in a very dark studio as an “exhibition look" set up. And Depending in what genre we were, props or costumes related to the film and/or the presenter was talking about appeared either in one of the frames or the presenter became the actual dressed set. A dramatic and moody lighting was essential for a cinematic and more serious overall look. The show itself is super funny as for each link the producers wanted to have a ‘remake’ of some of very famous scenes (depending on the genre).

Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 1

6 genres - Animation, Musicals, War, Western, Action and Romance!

For the first season, the budget and time was slightly different and tighter. The script was also very playful so I went with a more colourful and funnier elements for the set. I had mainly props dressing and making the actual set. 


Client Name: manotoTV

Project Name: 30nama Season 2 Promo

The script for this Promo was written by the producers. The idea was to pay homage to a very famous Iranian movie and it's very iconic scenes where two friends meet after years being apart in a cinema while one of them is announcing the next upcoming screening. This was the way to introduce that Iranian cinema will be a covered in this season.


Director: Arya Parsa and Sina Tehrani
DOP: Sina Tehrani 
Art Director: Mona Wishkahi
Editor: Sina Tehrani 
Script: Navid Ghazanfari and Arya Parsa

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